About GetFiXR

GetFiXR is the product created by GetFiXR Media, with an idea to organize the skilled labor sector by creating a centralized system to find local, verified & community rated tradesmen through Mobile apps & Web app.


By providing verified data with consumer rating system, we created an eco-system for tradesmen & consumers to fulfill consumer’s search for skilled labor as well as generate more quality work for the tradesmen listed. ¬†We¬†noticed ¬†hailing bad workmanship, broken promises & falling work culture due to randomly hired tradesmen without any background check or verification. We also noticed¬†there are¬†very good craftsmen who do a wonderful job, But don’t get enough jobs because they are not reachable and don’t have any media to publicize good quality workmanship. Taking this core idea ahead, We founded GetFiXR to solve above problems & create a platform for tradesmen to reach to masses via internet & showcase good quality work and for consumer to find qualified tradesmen based on location, skills, rating & requirements.


The unique thing about GetFiXR is that neither its a Business listing service, nor a service booking system which works for 1 contractor or group only. GetFiXR is all about creating socially enriched platform to connect both ends of the equation where any FiXR / Tradesman can list himself as individual or contractor and by being good at his work can reach more & more people in his area. For consumer side it eliminates the blind hiring process where many times bad workmanship wins the job because they know how to advertise their services. Now consumer will be able to find the most suitable person for the job based on any criteria like price, skills, experience and location. All this system is backed¬†by GetFiXR team which has its foot on the road to collect appropriate information¬†from FiXRs / Tradesmen who are or are not aware of the power of internet. Then we verify all that data ourselves through various steps of including calls & personal meetings. We also encourage consumers to provide rating to the FiXRs based on their experience with the FiXR / Tradesman & made it easy & socially enriched by simply connecting the system with popular social networks. The users wont have to create whole new accounts with us. Simply login with your favorite social network & post the rating & comment to the FiXR’s page which then is verified by our team to make sure all the reviews are actually genuine & not posted for competition sake.


GetFiXR was started in Chandigarh & Tricity area only & after seeing users’ response we are now slowly rolling it out in Delhi NCR area. Though we have limited FiXRs / Tradesmen registered with us for now but the numbers are growing pretty rapidly. Our goal for this year is to be available in all metro cities of India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune & Chennai in addition to Chandigarh & Delhi where we currently are available. By 2016, Our product & services will be available in all of India. Our platform is currently accessible through our Web App, Mobile Web App & Android Native App and we are launching on iOS in few months.


For any support & questions, Please visit our Support page or get in touch with at [Support-at-GetFiXR.in]Please replace -at- with @ when writing the email as this is done to stop spamming.